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Money Saving Tips for a Myrtle Beach Vacation

Planning a Myrtle Beach vacation can be stressful, particularly when it comes to sticking to a budget. Accommodations, dining expenses, entertainment… how can you fit it all in? Well, Holiday Pavilion Resort on the Boardwalk is here to help! Here are our top tips on how to save on a Myrtle Beach vacation:

Change Your Travel Dates

A Fourth of July or Labor Day vacation might be convenient but can quickly escalate into a costly endeavor. Why not consider changing your travel dates? The spring and fall are still great times to visit the beach and guests who choose to come fishing on the beach in myrtle beachoutside of prime summer booking season often save hundreds. Hotel prices are driven by demand and demand is significantly higher Memorial Day – Labor Day. To save big, plan a beach getaway outside of those dates.

Book in Advance

This is a biggie – book in advance! It’s no secret that prices go up as inventory goes down. If you know you are going to come to Myrtle Beach, consider planning the vacation in advance and revealing it as a Christmas surprise. Even if you can’t plan that far in advance, definitely book your room as soon as possible to get the best available rates.

Take Advantage of Resort Deals

Area resorts, including ours, often offer lucrative seasonal deals to help you save big. Specials range throughout the year and can include a percentage off regular rates, “buy 3, get one free” or “buy 5, get 2 free” night specials, or free breakfast deals. Be sure to check our hotel specials page to see how much you can save!

Prepare Meals in Your Room

Dinging out during your stay can quickly add up. Avoid these unnecessary costs by switching out your restaurant splurges with easy in-room meals. Our resort offers several room types that include a full in-room kitchen that makes meal time a breeze! Kitchens include a full refrigerator, making it easy to store food for a long trip, an oven / stove, microwave, coffeemaker, and all of the plates, dishes, and utensils you could need. You can still eat out a few times during the trip, but greatly reducing the amount of times you eat out will make a huge impact on the budget.

Travel With Family or Friends

If you are a couple or small family and don’t mind traveling with a crowd, consider cutting even more costs by taking a vacation with another group of family or friends! We offer several rooms that are large enough for 6 – 8 guests, family playing on the beachmaking it easy to split a room. Even if you don’t want to share a room, traveling with others does reduce the costs in other areas and is definitely something to consider if you have close family or friends who also love the beach.

Skip The Oceanfront View

Sure, an oceanfront room provides fantastic view of the beach – no one is going to dispute that. However, opting for an oceanview room as opposed to an oceanfront room could save you big in the long run. Though prices vary, the difference could be $20 – $30 a night. That might not sound like a lot at first, but when you multiple that by several nights it could be the difference in several hundred dollars. And, oceanview rooms still provide scenic views and a private balcony, so you will still get Atlantic views and outdoor space.
Be sure to check our Accomodations Page to view all 8 of our room types to find your perfect room.

What are your favorite beach budget saving tips? Let us know!